Wooden dining tables are the most common choice amongst dining tables, and it can take a hefty chunk of change to buy a nice wooden table. To keep our tables beautiful and lasting, let’s take a look at the basics:


Extreme room temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on wooden dining tables. Place your table away from incoming direct sunlight, which can cause the wood to fade and crack. Keep your table away from other heat sources, such as radiators and fireplaces, that can also cause the wood to split or warp.

Maintain your home’s humidity levels between 40 and 45 percent to provide perfect moisture level in the air surrounding your wooden table. Humidity levels below 40 percent may cause cracking, whereas humidity levels above 45 percent can cause swelling. Run a humidifier to raise low humidity levels and an air conditioner or dehumidifier to reduce air moisture.

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning your table weekly and polish your table annually with a hard carnauba wax / beeswax and soft lint-free cloth will help maintain a shiny appearance.

However, rubbing a dry cloth over a dusty, wood dining table can cause damaging surface scratches and avoid using dust polish, as they contain silicones that can soak into the grain of the wood and damage it.

Instead, use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth that will cling to dust particles on its own and dampened it with water or a non-alkaline soap and water solution to wipe away dust particles.  Rub your table lightly in the direction of the wood grain in a rotating motion. Dry the wood immediately with a soft, dry cloth to avoid water damage.

Surface Protection

Avoid setting hot pans or dishes directly on top of your solid wood dining table, as they can leave burn marks on the wood. Protect your table with drink coasters and placemats to prevent dings, scratches, and marks.


Preventing damage is the best method to care for wood dining tables. Wipe up liquid and food spills as soon as they occur or after meal. If your wood table stained with unsightly water rings from sweating glasses, you can attempt to rub the area with mayonnaise to remove the water rings(doesn’t work all the time).

Some damages are inevitable over time, call us to bring it back to our workshop and revarnish your beloved wood table top and it will turn out as good as new.


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